Depression is a gift: What do you mean love is a field?

The following video explains in simple terms what is meant by love being a field instead of a feeling.

It also describes step two: Eat.

I am beginning the Depression is a Gift course of August 1.

It will consist of building a community of people who are committed to practising self love.

The practice involves 5 steps:





Be Yourself

Each step is designed to develop a certain love of yourself skill.

We will learn and practice heart breathing and listening to our hearts.

We will share what our hearts want to do. Together, we will build a safe space to express our hearts. A safe space where we can unfold out most innocent, fragile self.

The group is private and only members committed to this practice who have subscribed will have access. Your information will never be made public.

Subscription is 10GBP a month in a recurring cycle.

You may join and leave at any time.

To subscribe, please use the PayPal button below.

PayPal Subscribe Button


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