Life experiment for the rest of my life beginning three days ago and now this

It’s a new world here now.

The Splitting of the worlds – google it – happened. There is a LOT of info out there on how and why it happened and what is the result.

I only know that I’ve been holding on to my pants and really digging into everything that’s scary in this moment and it turns out that I can exist with the most uncomfortable of emotions and still feel joyful.

It was something I happened upon and let me tell you it was unplanned and completely uncontrolled – it just happened. New world characteristic- completely new things happen all the time. Open is not the word to be with it it’s present. Like in the moment at all times because the flow of the new completely washes out the old. It’s good to swim in it 🙂

I sat down to meditate and that is always a good idea and based on my experience with meditation I was prepared for a ride and new unexpected insights but I was not even remotely clued into what happened next.

“Just be joyful” were there in me those words arising out of nowhere. I know this sentence is grammatically incorrect it’s how it comes this new energy, non linear. In chunks of information streamed constantly!

Ok. What followed was a breathing technique where you breathe in joy and along with the exhale you send it to all the parts in your body and then when the body is nice and relaxed, you send the feeling of joy to all the emotions that arise in you, all thoughts.

Breathe in and feel joy. Then guide your breath to wherever joy comes from in your body. For me it’s the chest area but maybe for you it can be your brain or lungs or belly if you’re lucky 😉 it will fill your body with relaxation and you’ll smile. Hi 😉 keep going. There will be a thought that will stop it. Breathe in joy and send it to that thought anyway.

See it release. Keep going. Wherever any emotion is located that is not immediately identifiable as joy , send joy to it anyway.

It will become a conscious choice, a commitment to be joyful no matter what happens in your body; no matter what other feelings arise, no matter how important or urgent or what memories they bring or how attractive or sticky they feel, you choose joy anyway and send it to all of them.

For four hours. I did that for four hours in this wonderful new space and I didn’t even notice the time because the alchemy of it felt so good so amazing so full of insight into my present.

And. Now. The purpose of this post. The gist of it. Well lately it has come to my attention that marketers and big companies use our basic lizard brain to sell more products and services and I always thought people were aware of this fact but it turns out they aren’t. The emotions they use are: fear guilt greed and exclusivity.

That’s your luxury market.

And it never sat right with me. I want to run a business but I don’t want to use fear or greed or exclusivity to make people buy my products.

I wanted to appeal to other emotions I want people to feel good buying and using my services but how do I do that of they don’t know that a. It it used and b. They have a choice?

So i had my answer while I was lying joyful for hours. That the basic emotions, the new ones should be




Service .

Only buy and do things out of those emotions. As a true scientist I am testing it on myself first for side effects hihihi.

Since then I have added new emotions to my list. Like abundance and inspiration and awe and pride and I would appreciate your suggestions because I am willing to find and experiment creating and spending my LIFE living those emotions.


Young bitches

Young bitches have their teeth pulled out early.

Their sharp canines filed back to acceptable standards –

Polite, gentle, quiet.

No yelps, no bites establishing autonomy


Young bitches have their lust surgically removed as teens.

Their ovaries, vaginas, and life giving blood

Made dirty.

No desire, no wetness


Young bitches, praised for being tame

Will hurt themselves begging for scraps off their master’s tables.


Their heart remembers where all bitches come from.

Awakens to the wild power in their veins.

Howls growing back what was hidden away

for eons.

Young bitches become wolves,



The Purpose of pain

In my body lies the memory of all my lifetimes or lifetimes that make sense to me at this point, Akashik records comes to mind. They are exhausting. Not many people can hold that much information in their consciousness and stay sane.

I remember what it felt like to be in a circle of women shamans who sat together around a fire in a cave, dressed in homespun clothes, hair wild, uncombed, feathers tied in it, sparkling eyes.

Because time is an illusion and my mind has gotten used to it being an illusion, I can peer behind the veil of 3D time and have that experience in my current lifetime. And they can access this one through me. They asked me endless questions and love the concept of airplanes.

I turned to that circle of woman for consolation. My experience of fully owning my anger is owed to them because they sat around me and chanted ‘you are angry’ over and over again until I admitted to being so. Then they said ‘I am sorry’ over and over again until I was free of it.

I use tobacco to access that circle, tobacco smoke makes a path to timelessness. 

I am present to this reality and to that reality at the same time right now.

I am releasing the pain of being a woman in patriarchy because it’s “time”. I have done that by accessing the pain body in my abdomen and asking myself when was the first time I felt this way? Immediately, the memory of hiding from soldiers wearing steel while they ravaged our cart and hearing them having destroyed my home village. I was not with my family because I was chosen to be a priestess at The Springs of She.

These women were my teachers. If the description of Springs of She, villages and soldiers wearing iron doesn’t give you an idea of how long ago that was, let me tell you it was 10,000 years. 26,000 years are galactic cycles of human evolution so I arrived about halfway through. Yes, there are people who arrived at the very beginning, Atlantean – wait, I have memory of Atlantean times but it lies outside the scope of this essay.

This essay is about pain we hold in our bodies as women at every single time we have been raped, ravaged, abused, driven down, executed, burned at the stake, persecuted, isolated, imprisoned for being powerful. Every heartbreak we felt at our men being killed.

Before you go on blaming men, let me tell you they they wouldn’t have been able to pull this one off without our full participation. It was what we agreed it to be.

I bet all of us could use a circle right now.

The circle is formed of women sitting together having one in its middle. Presence is established among each participant. A field of complete openness and acceptance is set. The feeling you don’t want to address alone is brought into the circle. It is expressed in a simple admittance to the truth: “I am …” That truth is repeated over and over aloud by each member of the circle except the one in the middle.

“She is…” is chanted in a completely accepting and neutral tone.

We accept what is, fully, until it is released.

“I am sorry” is important to be said after the feeling is admitted to, not because it was the women’s fault whatever caused you to feel this way but as an expression of compassion.

I am sorry you are feeling this way right now, it implies. I am sorry that it is so uncomfortable, it implies. I am sorry that you are going through this, it implies. I am sorry that it gets to be too much to handle sometimes, it implies. I am sorry that you are breaking open in such a way, it implies. I am sorry.

So what do we do with this? What do we do about our human history? Akashik records are like blockchain, can’t be modified. Permanent true record of what happened as humanity went through its evolution from cave dweller to flying cars.

Let me mess around with your mind a little, consider it brain training to keep it young and supple.

I said evolution from cave dweller to flying cars. I also said time is an illusion. See the paradox?

At different levels of consciousness both realities are true.

It is true that time exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. Evolution and non evolution are both true.

Pain is real in your body when you consider evolution. Outside time, there is no pain. Pain doesn’t exist outside time. Pain served us to forget how connected we are to each other.

As we remember, pain disappears.

Happy circling!



It comes from the day you are born when your father and mother see between your legs and determine that you are indeed a girl.

and by virtue of being a girl you are raised to fit a role – the role they have in their heads.

This role is damaging to the core.

This role twists you upside down until who you really are seems impossible and who you are NOT is reinforced.

Who you are is powerful, strong, capable, creative, doer, maker, adventurer, engineer, joyous, curious, knowing, a seer.

Who you are MOST DEFINITELY NOT is weak, powerless, submissive, in need of rescue, incapable, helpless, silly, superficial.

The beating into submission takes its toll. You are, after all, too young to see through the lies. Too young to stand up for yourself when every single person around you lies to you.What are some of the lies? A woman’s highest joy is to have a husband and children. A woman cannot be a leader because she is too emotional. A woman is designed to please a man. Wife first, career second. God is angry with women for they are deficient in intelligence. Biologically, woman are incapable of math. Biologically, women are weak. Women don’t have the drive to affect change. Insert your own. It will feel bitter and tie your stomach into a knot of denial. That’s how you recognise lies.

You get to be pissed off at the subtle and blatant lies that are passed into legislation that tell you what you can or cannot do with your body, has you pay double tax on personal hygiene products, has women’s health become an issue of men’s domain. As an example. Hurts, doesn’t it?

You get to be pissed off at the subconscious bias that follows you like shit stink wherever you go. Catcalling, old men hitting on you under the guise of business, aggressive investors asking you to prove your worth twice, colleagues asking you to take care of food, coffee, eyeing you up and down making sure your sacred body is worth their attention. Hurts, doesn’t it?

She’s a girl is on their minds and everything they think believe and feel about girls, women, crones is there. It’s there in the subtle sneer, it’s there in the water cooler gossip, it’s there in women of fame and women of no importance. It’s there when women’s magazines are crafts and homemaking and not a single gadget one in every supermarket you visit. Hurts, doesn’t it?

And it’s bullshit. there is no truth in it. and the most painful part is when





the most damaging part is when you adapt and adopt to fit in.

that’s when you start dying.

because when you give up on who you are, what reason is there for you to live a life that is a lie?

Women are powerful. Powerful in the sense of being capable of riding storms, literally. Women circles can control the weather. Women circles can change the world. Women circles can take every single piece of legislation that is passed against them by people who believe they are weak and turn it around. We’ve done it with the right to vote. We’ve done it with the right to have an abortion. We’ve done it with the right to own property.

If we do not stand together in the truth of who we are, then the lies will continue.

One of the lies is that we cannot trust one another.

We can trust one another.

Another lie is that we are helpless. In need of rescue. In need to manipulate in order to get what we want.

We are powerful. We can affect change. We can ask for what we want directly over and over and over again until what we want is what we get. Enough of this shit. Enough war. Enough rape. Enough discrimination. Enough destruction of our planet. Enough putting profit before people. Enough stealing funds meant for the people. Enough lying. Enough getting away with murder.


My name is Anna Hur and I am a woman of power. I seek other women of power who mean business.

Let’s imagine, dance, build, create, write, demand, make, code, engineer, doctor, construct, architect, heal, fly, manage, strategise, voice, act, deliver the world we want to see come realised.

Craving for women to come together to imagine, dance, build, create, write, demand, make, code, engineer, doctor, construct, architect, heal, fly, manage, strategise, voice, act, deliver the world we want to see come realised creates sisterhood.

Creating sisterhood sustains and maintains awakening, stretching, shaking off illusions, remembering and seeing clearly how to heal and what is to be done next.

Sustaining and maintaining awakening, stretching, shaking off illusions, remembering and seeing clearly how to heal and what is to be done next embodies now it is time to shake off slumber and remember our true essence.

Craving for women to come together to imagine, dance, build, create, write, demand, make, code, engineer, doctor, construct, architect, heal, fly, manage, strategise, voice, act, deliver the world we want to see come realised creates seeing it is already here and only needs us to pay attention to what is here already.

Creating seeing it is already here and only needs us to pay attention to what is here already sustains and maintains taking one step closer to distribution of knowledge of what is here already.

Sustaining and maintaining taking one step closer to distribution of knowledge of what is here already embodies making it a reality for all.

Craving for women to come together to imagine, dance, build, create, write, demand, make, code, engineer, doctor, construct, architect, heal, fly, manage, strategise, voice, act, deliver the world we want to see come realised creates courage to stand alone if need be.

Creating courage to stand alone if need be sustains and maintains freedom, wholeness, integrity, living in your truth.

Sustaining and maintaining freedom, wholeness, integrity, living in your truth embodies realisation of your soul purpose.

Craving now it is time to shake off slumber and remember our true essence creates making it a reality for all.

Creating making it a reality for all sustains and maintains realisation of your soul purpose.

Sustaining and maintaining realisation of your soul purpose embodies ah, that’s the meaning of life being human, enlightenment, awakening, ancient wisdom, timelines, present moment, time bending, alpha and omega, the eternal, the absolute, all as one.


Get yourself a knife to shine


Get yourself a knife of Japanese steel,

Capable of cutting through a fine silk scarf.

Apply it gently, with a surgeon’s care

To every lie you believed out of the goodness of your heart.

The ones that bind you, old but fresh

Sunk with wire in tender flesh

Lies declared as truth

by those you loved.

Not good enough;

Almost perfect;

I am not ready for a relationship;

Pending improvement in your performance;

You are weird;

What’s wrong with you;

How can you be so insensitive;




Dumb bitch;

No one cares about you;

I am brutally honest (cue: cruel) because I love you.

Gently, I said.

Surgeon’s concentration.

On each and every one.

The truth of you

You decide.




A father teaches a girl what unconditional love looks like, feels like, tastes like. 

A father teaches a girl about men – good men and bad men. 

How to deal with them. 

A father teaches a girl by example – how to hunt for herself. If she be a hunter by nature. 

A father teaches a girl that she can always come home if the wilderness gets to be too much to handle. 

Knowing it is her decision. 

Trusting that the Earth also teaches

And takes care of her creatures.

A father teaches a girl how to build shelter from storms. 

A father teaches a girl how to read signs – tracks, trees, people for signals to proceed or stand by. 

A father teaches a girl patience, boundaries, and how to protect herself and what’s hers 

From intruders

The strength of a hunter

The generosity of love, unconditional for all womankind. 

That’s what it is 

A father 

That’s what is his

To teach, to do, to be 

For a daughter 

Like me. 



A heart at peace is silent

Winged by a light beyond 

Joyfully being embraced by the planet 

Holding the sword of truth in peace. 

Speaking what songs the soul longs to hear to utter to whisper 

Hope song

Hope that paradise is here. 

Hope gives rise to seeing 

That it is

Wherever you go. 

Hope gives rise to courage to say

How your heart feels. 

Hope doesn’t question the knowing 

That what’s done is done. 

Hope sees the seeming gap between paradise and earth

And smiles. 


Because there is no gap. 

Hope receives amazing grace. 

Hope learns to see ~ so clearly

What is love and what is not. 

Hope drops without hesitation 

Silly distractions called duty, status quo, procedure and how things should be 


Hope invites to heart’s wisdom

Inscrutable mysterious betting on life taking care of those who take care of it. 

Hope sees doubts and has compassion for the blind 

It’s audacious like that. 

Hope. Your new best friend. 

Your guiding light

To paradise. Here we are now. 

Our home. Our best place of earthly delights. 

How wonderful they are.