"We have far more in common than that which divides us." These are the words of the Labour MP Jo Cox. Every time someone you don't know much about dies, what is highlighted most is the message of their life, the message they lived and embodied. That message from all corners of the world is [...]

Choose love

  Karma, Rania, Sana'a, Anna, Sabina, Svetlana: (in unison) First, I saw the universe. And the universe was... . (Breathe. Feel it. Feel these words. The universe was. Then Breathe. Again. ) Then I saw infinity. Infinity infinity infinity - like a loop going back out into infinity.  ∞ Of love unconditional. Coming back to [...]


Freedom is - Plenitude, trust, flow. Words flow like a river - Rivulets feeding its core On its way to The ocean, Expansive. Ebb and flow the tides. Round and round itself the planet Held in space by the sun Held in place by the galaxy on its spiral Singing the music of the spheres [...]