It comes from the day you are born when your father and mother see between your legs and determine that you are indeed a girl.

and by virtue of being a girl you are raised to fit a role – the role they have in their heads.

This role is damaging to the core.

This role twists you upside down until who you really are seems impossible and who you are NOT is reinforced.

Who you are is powerful, strong, capable, creative, doer, maker, adventurer, engineer, joyous, curious, knowing, a seer.

Who you are MOST DEFINITELY NOT is weak, powerless, submissive, in need of rescue, incapable, helpless, silly, superficial.

The beating into submission takes its toll. You are, after all, too young to see through the lies. Too young to stand up for yourself when every single person around you lies to you.What are some of the lies? A woman’s highest joy is to have a husband and children. A woman cannot be a leader because she is too emotional. A woman is designed to please a man. Wife first, career second. God is angry with women for they are deficient in intelligence. Biologically, woman are incapable of math. Biologically, women are weak. Women don’t have the drive to affect change. Insert your own. It will feel bitter and tie your stomach into a knot of denial. That’s how you recognise lies.

You get to be pissed off at the subtle and blatant lies that are passed into legislation that tell you what you can or cannot do with your body, has you pay double tax on personal hygiene products, has women’s health become an issue of men’s domain. As an example. Hurts, doesn’t it?

You get to be pissed off at the subconscious bias that follows you like shit stink wherever you go. Catcalling, old men hitting on you under the guise of business, aggressive investors asking you to prove your worth twice, colleagues asking you to take care of food, coffee, eyeing you up and down making sure your sacred body is worth their attention. Hurts, doesn’t it?

She’s a girl is on their minds and everything they think believe and feel about girls, women, crones is there. It’s there in the subtle sneer, it’s there in the water cooler gossip, it’s there in women of fame and women of no importance. It’s there when women’s magazines are crafts and homemaking and not a single gadget one in every supermarket you visit. Hurts, doesn’t it?

And it’s bullshit. there is no truth in it. and the most painful part is when





the most damaging part is when you adapt and adopt to fit in.

that’s when you start dying.

because when you give up on who you are, what reason is there for you to live a life that is a lie?

Women are powerful. Powerful in the sense of being capable of riding storms, literally. Women circles can control the weather. Women circles can change the world. Women circles can take every single piece of legislation that is passed against them by people who believe they are weak and turn it around. We’ve done it with the right to vote. We’ve done it with the right to have an abortion. We’ve done it with the right to own property.

If we do not stand together in the truth of who we are, then the lies will continue.

One of the lies is that we cannot trust one another.

We can trust one another.

Another lie is that we are helpless. In need of rescue. In need to manipulate in order to get what we want.

We are powerful. We can affect change. We can ask for what we want directly over and over and over again until what we want is what we get. Enough of this shit. Enough war. Enough rape. Enough discrimination. Enough destruction of our planet. Enough putting profit before people. Enough stealing funds meant for the people. Enough lying. Enough getting away with murder.


My name is Anna Hur and I am a woman of power. I seek other women of power who mean business.

Let’s imagine, dance, build, create, write, demand, make, code, engineer, doctor, construct, architect, heal, fly, manage, strategise, voice, act, deliver the world we want to see come realised.

Craving for women to come together to imagine, dance, build, create, write, demand, make, code, engineer, doctor, construct, architect, heal, fly, manage, strategise, voice, act, deliver the world we want to see come realised creates sisterhood.

Creating sisterhood sustains and maintains awakening, stretching, shaking off illusions, remembering and seeing clearly how to heal and what is to be done next.

Sustaining and maintaining awakening, stretching, shaking off illusions, remembering and seeing clearly how to heal and what is to be done next embodies now it is time to shake off slumber and remember our true essence.

Craving for women to come together to imagine, dance, build, create, write, demand, make, code, engineer, doctor, construct, architect, heal, fly, manage, strategise, voice, act, deliver the world we want to see come realised creates seeing it is already here and only needs us to pay attention to what is here already.

Creating seeing it is already here and only needs us to pay attention to what is here already sustains and maintains taking one step closer to distribution of knowledge of what is here already.

Sustaining and maintaining taking one step closer to distribution of knowledge of what is here already embodies making it a reality for all.

Craving for women to come together to imagine, dance, build, create, write, demand, make, code, engineer, doctor, construct, architect, heal, fly, manage, strategise, voice, act, deliver the world we want to see come realised creates courage to stand alone if need be.

Creating courage to stand alone if need be sustains and maintains freedom, wholeness, integrity, living in your truth.

Sustaining and maintaining freedom, wholeness, integrity, living in your truth embodies realisation of your soul purpose.

Craving now it is time to shake off slumber and remember our true essence creates making it a reality for all.

Creating making it a reality for all sustains and maintains realisation of your soul purpose.

Sustaining and maintaining realisation of your soul purpose embodies ah, that’s the meaning of life being human, enlightenment, awakening, ancient wisdom, timelines, present moment, time bending, alpha and omega, the eternal, the absolute, all as one.




Innocence is. 

Believing them

When they act like it’s unworthy

Of meeting their 


As you grow up and realise that all judgements of your worth you believed 

Are lies

Are ways the other’s innocence was protected from another stab of pain, disappointment or rejection. 

What is there to do but have compassion 

And walk away?

In other words: people hurt you when their pain is louder than their love for themselves. People reject you when their fear is louder than their trust. People call you monster when their own monsters run rampant in their subconscious, unfaced, unloved, rejected. People are protecting their core with everything they’ve got in a world of fear and pain. 

Love it. Love is the life ration, ratio, relation. Looooovvvveeeeee. 

You are worthy of loooooovvveeeee. 

With every pain hurt disappointment or rejection, love. 

Love slow, thorough, deep, wide 

Open crevices too tight to venture into 

With gentleness. 

Roar fiercely at people’s bullshit and never take their projections 

As YOUR truth. 

I write because I’m tired of pretending it’s ok to take what others think of me as what I think of me. 

And neither should you. 

So tell me, what do you think of yourself? Of your own innocence? Is it ready to come out and meet mine? Is it ready to play and be free to love as it yearns to? 

Or are its protectors too loud, too stuck in their ways to shift and change? 

Your innocence is safe with me. 


Mindfulness for beginners 

Beautiful soul, you are so loved. 

Exactly as you are.

There is no need to shrink or quiet down

No need to get smaller or pretend you feel anything other than what you are feeling

In this moment

Right now

Even your ideas of righteousness are fondly looked at as helpers on your journey to the most authentic, real you.

Silence is easy. It’s what animates all noise.

Self consciousness turns into laughter at how ridiculous it is to think that when you are not mindful

You are any less holy 

Or any less loved

All contrast within you is loved. 


London Energy Forecast Week of Sept 11-18, 2017

This forecast is written to remind you how to respond to conflict. Conflict arises when two opposing points of view face one another, it is driven by fear and lack. Refer to it daily to remind yourself that you have the power to respond instead of react. Responding to a situation from a neutral space sets the tone for the reality that you live.

Since you can’t take responsibility for another person’s conscious and subconscious beliefs, it is not your job to be their therapist, allow the person to exist as they are, without assigning judgement or blame.

Challenging week ahead. There is an alternative reality rising in the collective, that’s why the trend to mindfulness, self healing, awakening, enlightenment is so popular in mass culture. Light brings shadow to consciousness. Shadow means unacknowledged beliefs, fears, judgements – compassion is key. For yourself and for others. For yourself first because you cannot give what you don’t have. Give yourself compassion and love until you smile.

Stay centred in being. One of the methods that works for me to arrive at a state of being is looking around me and noticing where I am. That usually raises excitement because I love where I am and it’s a dream come true. It’s helpful to remember the journey that took you to this moment, at some point in the past you longed to have the job you have, you longed to live where you live and have the people in your life that you have now. Acknowledge your courage and strength, acknowledge the effort you put to be where you are. Smile, you have done an amazing job at being you. Breathe. Whatever thoughts you are thinking or feelings you have are valid so breathe. Allow yourself to have them. There are very good reasons for you to have them, feelings and thoughts are there to guide you away or towards something. Name them. “I feel a mix of gratitude, love, appreciation and worry.” Mixed feelings are ok.

Stay in the moment. Life is comprised of a series of moments, some of which take your breath away – when you are struck with beauty. Look around you. Can you notice anything of beauty in this moment? The way the light slants through the window, how sweet the air you breathe, an art piece, a color you enjoy – find something, anything you find beautiful. Relax into it. Thoughts of how is beauty going to help me with this _____(fill in the blank) are valid because beauty is part of what you’re worried about. There is beauty in your desire to arrive at a solution, underneath the worry is the innocent knowing of how things could be – that’s why it’s uncomfortable. Your heart knows something could be different and the reality appears otherwise. There’s beauty in that contrast alone. Notice and acknowledge how beautiful a mystery you are, even to yourself. Be the contrast for now. In this moment, being in contrast is ok.

Solutions are in the moment. Neti neti – not this, not this, discomfort says – what then? If not this, then another option is available. Ask the right question. An example of the right question would be If I knew all my life is a work of art, what art could I make in this moment? If I had the courage I know myself to have in this moment, what choices that are presented to me feel best?

Pull towards what feels good. There is a pull in your gut towards something that feels good, like a hound tracing a scent in the air, relentless, it pulls you towards alignment with who you are. What would feel good right now? Do that.

Boundaries. You know who you are. You know what you’re here to do. You know why you have the job you have, the relationships you have and what relationships you long to have. You know it’s easy when it’s right. Stay in your knowing. Judgement just means it’s not the right fit for you. From your sense of Self, you can respond calmly, make decisions about your next steps knowing that what’s best for you is what’s best for everyone involved. Voice your wants, desires, opinions clearly and be in your position. Naturally, a flow will arise – people who match your calm loving self will come and help that self expand into your environment. Anything that doesn’t match it will leave and dissolve. Let go of it. With a blessing if you can.

Ask the right questions. Asking the right questions is key to finding the right answer. So much time is spent on fighting and arguing righteousness, it’s a wonder we get anything done. Asking the right question in a conflict situation will lead to its dissolution. What is the best possible outcome? Take it from there.

Feeling comes before thought. Ignore the thoughts that arise when you don’t feel good. Find what feels good instead, do an action (I went outside for some fresh air in the middle of writing this post) expand it into your entire body, then watch how much more productive thoughts arise in your wonderful mind.

Have a compassionate, loving, and productive week!



London Energy as of September 4, 2017

I have been a student of Energy Masters for six years now and the common theme among them as it relates to manifesting the life of your dreams is to focus on what is available energetically in the collective in order to find your part in it. It means finding within you a place that says “YES” to what you read and work with it. Within your heart resides information joy and love that you can share with yourself and others, you can use that energy of love within you to go towards a more fulfilling life.

The way energetic energy works is you may set an intent today and take steps towards accomplishing that intent and it takes time in the physical for it to manifest, it can go from immediate to months from now, depending on how big your intent and how far away it is from your current circumstances. For example, if you live in a shared flat and want to manifest a house of your own, it might take a few months. If you feel alone and need to connect with a friend then it might be immediate, you might receive a message from someone who feels friendly towards you.

I write these energy forecasts because we are one and the more people tune into what is available, the more people set positive and life affirming intents in their lives, the faster it will manifest in our physical reality.  Your intents can be very personal and should be very personal and it’s important that you focus on what you want, instead of fighting what you don’t want. Say you dislike a situation in your life or feel very sad about a circumstance, what would you like to see instead? Answering that question brings you to an intent worth focusing on using the energy that is currently available in the collective specific to the City of London.

So bring out your notebooks, post its and private diaries, set your intents and share them because the steps are:

Imagine what you’d like to see.

Feel it as if it has happened already.

Take a step that reflects the new reality being in your life.


I would like to be fulfilled and satisfied with my work knowing I am making a positive contribution to society. It feels powerful and calm, a benevolent power. Sending an email thanking my collaborators and stakeholders is a step I take.

Now, the energy forecast of London for September 4, 2017 is a lot of fear and pain insecurity and lack of safety structures are coming up in the collective to be released and faced on each individual level.  At the same time, there is so much joy in the City manifested in the many individuals that are spending time involved in passion projects, mindfulness, inclusion, and making a contribution. A little chaotic but that’s to be expected with nine million people existing in close quarters. Find the joy in your heart it is high, like a breath of fresh air, clean and crisp. Like chimes in the wind the laughter spreads joyful celebration of arrival of so many people to the centre of who they are.

Have a lovely day. ❤


London Energy as of September 1, 2017


Image Credit:

Tower of Light II by grebnedlog via DeviantArt

Tuning into London the first layer is chaos. Parts of that chaos have to do with archaic structures struggling to maintain control over the masses and to maintain their position at the top of a pyramid where the many serve the few.

Because I personally choose not to engage with those energies, what naturally arises is a curiosity about what else is available energetically in this city that I love so much.

London is a place where the world learns to be kind to one another.

Brazilians helping Moldovans helping Argentinians witnessing Iranians and the overwhelming and always surprising kindness of the British.

What is also available is this huge influx of light that’s joyful, cooperative, inclusive, and non compromising in its commitment to ground the new reality in 3D.



Feminine and masculine within – the mother of all fights

Masculine: you tell me I should do ancient wisdom rituals and I want to know how doing the ancient wisdom ritual will get me funding and you get angry 

Feminine: you asked what you want for this project as a woman and I answered you the way of women. The way of women is non linear and explaining it will take us into the origins of the universe and how the fabric of life functions and I don’t have time for that because the mind that is so practical is fascinated with detail and will get lost in the maze. So I give you a ritual because it works.

Masculine: kind of like getting lost on Wikipedia?  

Feminine: you tire me with your attachment to concreteness. 

Masculine: you mean specifics? 

Feminine: I mean concreteness 

Masculine: what’s that

Feminine: it’s your rush to make things matter before they are ripe to be matter 

Masculine: can’t have nine children in one month using nine women kind of thing? 

Feminine: mystery of life reduced to an engineering problem and you feeling so clever about it. Makes me sad. Makes me not want to talk to you because you have no reverence and younger parts of me are screaming “idiot”

Masculine: how do I protect you then if you won’t give me any answers I can use to solve problems? 

Feminine: I don’t need protection. 

Masculine: what do you need then?

Feminine: I need you to be the ground I walk upon. 

Masculine: Switch places? 

Feminine: for a time, yes. 

Masculine: how

Feminine: ritual