Depression is a Gift Introduction to Course

Fear is the greatest catalyst for growth and development because it leads you to finally facing it fully. Depression is a journey within into the field of absolute love. Breath is the most powerful tool you have. Breath brings you into the moment. Life happens in every moment. I am beginning the Depression is a [...]

Depression is a Gift

Two months ago I wanted to kill myself. I have been on the awakening journey for six years and the higher the points of light that I experienced, the more urgent my desire to die. There are several theories as to why that happens. Here is my own. I think the light in my heart [...]


From: "The Art of Peace" by Anna Hur Boundaries is the energy of "You will not pass" and "Unconcerned". Just stand your ground. No matter the emotion thrown your way, you will remain unperturbed. Unshakeable. Like a mountain. Have you ever tried to hit a boulder as a child in anger? It does not hit [...]

How to love fear

From: "Or you can watch TV shows all day" an existential crisis/business success novel FeAr.  Fear, as it turns out, is one of the templates that were gifted to humanity in order to experience duality.  It has, unfortunately or fortunately, depends how you look at it, become the dominant template through which we run our [...]

Men: be the ground

This post comes from having met men who want to help and ask me how.  It comes from men admitting to having hearts like grapes, easily crushed.  It comes as an explanation for: be the ground.  The story of Kali, as I understand it will explain in metaphor because existential, cosmic/human things can be grasped [...]