Depression is a Gift online course begins August 1 and YOU are invited!

Depression is a gift

Depression is a gift is an online course that will be delivered throughout the month of August 2017. You are invited to participate in creating a field of beings who commit to:

a. Finding out what their hearts want to do

b. Building a step by step ease and love based routine to love yourself and express it in any way you are guided, prompted, inspired to do

c. Share your gift of love and innocence with others in a safe environment

You will receive:

a. A breathing methodology to connect with the field of love within you. Please see the video where I explain what I mean by love being a field here.

b. Food prompts and recipes

c. Cleaning prompts and recipes

d. Swimming safely in all the feelings that arise within you. Please see a video on how eternal and powerful you are here.

e. A place where you can express yourself as fully yourself

Subscription is 10GBP a month. It can either be a one time payment so the total cost will be 10GBP or if the group members decide to maintain their connection on the Depression is a Gift Facebook Group, then an additional 10GBP will be charged for each month that the group continues with their work.

The full course includes:

– all the videos that will be posted on the private Facebook Group

– a detailed guide to the 5 step process to embrace your depression for the call of the soul to follow your true nature that it is

– my full attention and encouragement while you unfold your innocence. I created a private Facebook group because when you are vulnerable, it’s good to find a space where you can feel safe.

We will be setting a group intent for the course on August 1st.

Intent is important because it provides a shared goal for the group where everyone agrees on being their kindest, most loving self to themselves and to others.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with me via Facebook.

Full playlist of public material can be accessed here.

I wish you love.