London Energy Forecast Week of Sept 11-18, 2017

This forecast is written to remind you how to respond to conflict. Conflict arises when two opposing points of view face one another, it is driven by fear and lack. Refer to it daily to remind yourself that you have the power to respond instead of react. Responding to a situation from a neutral space sets the tone for the reality that you live.

Since you can’t take responsibility for another person’s conscious and subconscious beliefs, it is not your job to be their therapist, allow the person to exist as they are, without assigning judgement or blame.

Challenging week ahead. There is an alternative reality rising in the collective, that’s why the trend to mindfulness, self healing, awakening, enlightenment is so popular in mass culture. Light brings shadow to consciousness. Shadow means unacknowledged beliefs, fears, judgements – compassion is key. For yourself and for others. For yourself first because you cannot give what you don’t have. Give yourself compassion and love until you smile.

Stay centred in being. One of the methods that works for me to arrive at a state of being is looking around me and noticing where I am. That usually raises excitement because I love where I am and it’s a dream come true. It’s helpful to remember the journey that took you to this moment, at some point in the past you longed to have the job you have, you longed to live where you live and have the people in your life that you have now. Acknowledge your courage and strength, acknowledge the effort you put to be where you are. Smile, you have done an amazing job at being you. Breathe. Whatever thoughts you are thinking or feelings you have are valid so breathe. Allow yourself to have them. There are very good reasons for you to have them, feelings and thoughts are there to guide you away or towards something. Name them. “I feel a mix of gratitude, love, appreciation and worry.” Mixed feelings are ok.

Stay in the moment. Life is comprised of a series of moments, some of which take your breath away – when you are struck with beauty. Look around you. Can you notice anything of beauty in this moment? The way the light slants through the window, how sweet the air you breathe, an art piece, a color you enjoy – find something, anything you find beautiful. Relax into it. Thoughts of how is beauty going to help me with this _____(fill in the blank) are valid because beauty is part of what you’re worried about. There is beauty in your desire to arrive at a solution, underneath the worry is the innocent knowing of how things could be – that’s why it’s uncomfortable. Your heart knows something could be different and the reality appears otherwise. There’s beauty in that contrast alone. Notice and acknowledge how beautiful a mystery you are, even to yourself. Be the contrast for now. In this moment, being in contrast is ok.

Solutions are in the moment. Neti neti – not this, not this, discomfort says – what then? If not this, then another option is available. Ask the right question. An example of the right question would be If I knew all my life is a work of art, what art could I make in this moment? If I had the courage I know myself to have in this moment, what choices that are presented to me feel best?

Pull towards what feels good. There is a pull in your gut towards something that feels good, like a hound tracing a scent in the air, relentless, it pulls you towards alignment with who you are. What would feel good right now? Do that.

Boundaries. You know who you are. You know what you’re here to do. You know why you have the job you have, the relationships you have and what relationships you long to have. You know it’s easy when it’s right. Stay in your knowing. Judgement just means it’s not the right fit for you. From your sense of Self, you can respond calmly, make decisions about your next steps knowing that what’s best for you is what’s best for everyone involved. Voice your wants, desires, opinions clearly and be in your position. Naturally, a flow will arise – people who match your calm loving self will come and help that self expand into your environment. Anything that doesn’t match it will leave and dissolve. Let go of it. With a blessing if you can.

Ask the right questions. Asking the right questions is key to finding the right answer. So much time is spent on fighting and arguing righteousness, it’s a wonder we get anything done. Asking the right question in a conflict situation will lead to its dissolution. What is the best possible outcome? Take it from there.

Feeling comes before thought. Ignore the thoughts that arise when you don’t feel good. Find what feels good instead, do an action (I went outside for some fresh air in the middle of writing this post) expand it into your entire body, then watch how much more productive thoughts arise in your wonderful mind.

Have a compassionate, loving, and productive week!



May I love more than I have ever loved for the benefit of all

Depression is a gift

May the highest love of your heart be reflected back to you a thousand times.

In every face you see.

In every life form you encounter.

In every breath you take.

I trust the consciousness of all and I call forth the highest consciousness that I am.


Let go


According to a legend, god created Adam and Lilith in his own image.

Created them from the Earth – fertile.

Adam asked Lilith to submit to his will

She said no, I am the same as you, we are equal.

Then god created Eve from Adam’s rib.

And she was gladly submissive.

For a time.

Then she wanted to be in the know, in the flow, equal to god.

Adam thought that was a good idea.

I understand they got in trouble with their maker.

Trouble that led to the making of us.

Blessed be the giants on whose shoulders we stand.

Extrapolate this tale.

Use your imagination.

Who inside you is Adam? Who is Eve? Who is Lilith?

Could it be that you contain all three?

Which part of your desires are you trying to submit to proper etiquette?

Chaos made form

Does not behave


Control interferes

With the flow

Of life.

Let go of control,

Desire to own,

Attachment to outcome,

And the effort to quantify, categorize, measure, add, subtract, divide, multiply –


It is indeed impossible.

It is not our job.

Now pay attention to your own being.

Your own chaotic nature.

And see how you are trying to control


Set boundaries, allow, and discipline

Your emotions.

I’m not supposed to feel this way, you think.

I’m not supposed to feel – you whip your heart into the shape of a rock, numb, impenetrable fortress – of that which you think you own.

Let go.


Lift your anchors.

Take off.


Let go