Depression is a gift: be the change – the how

Teal Swan, Matt Kahn, Inelia Benz – so many teachers out there to learn from!

But if we do have the power, and we do, how can we best organize our efforts into doing something efficient, simple, abundant and lasting for the world where we live?

Step one: Breathe.

Step two: Eat

Step three: Clean

Step four: Swim.

Swimming. Swimming in everything your life is. Accepting it.

Choosing your heart. Choosing to share what your hearts longs to do.

Choosing to share it with others in a safe environment.

Magic happens all the time!

Especially when you are true to who you are. In August, we start sharing.

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The 10GBP contribution represents your commitment to actually doing something.

Doing what is yours to do.

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He didn’t smile at me on the subway.
He walked ahead an rudely bumped into a woman
Who turned to him in anger and annoyance.
Pride and arrogance, get out of my way,
His saunter said
as he made his way down stairs.

I followed –
Curious to see what lies beneath
This act.
Prepared to judge and punish.
A vigilante at the service of the innocent.

Imagine my surprise.
When as I sat behind him.
Watching him chew gum and listen to his music.
All I could sense is compassion.
All I could direct his way was compassion.
There was nothing but compassion in my being.
For this man.
And his life filled with
Absence of