Depression is a gift: What do you mean love is a field?

The following video explains in simple terms what is meant by love being a field instead of a feeling.

It also describes step two: Eat.

I am beginning the Depression is a Gift course of August 1.

It will consist of building a community of people who are committed to practising self love.

The practice involves 5 steps:





Be Yourself

Each step is designed to develop a certain love of yourself skill.

We will learn and practice heart breathing and listening to our hearts.

We will share what our hearts want to do. Together, we will build a safe space to express our hearts. A safe space where we can unfold out most innocent, fragile self.

The group is private and only members committed to this practice who have subscribed will have access. Your information will never be made public.

Subscription is 10GBP a month in a recurring cycle.

You may join and leave at any time.

To subscribe, please use the PayPal button below.

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From: “The Art of Peace” by Anna Hur


Boundaries is the energy of “You will not pass” and “Unconcerned”. Just stand your ground. No matter the emotion thrown your way, you will remain unperturbed. Unshakeable. Like a mountain.

Have you ever tried to hit a boulder as a child in anger? It does not hit you back but you will feel the pain of your own act. Immediately. The boulder doesn’t judge the child. Nor does it want it punished. It simply is what it is. A rock.

Boundaries are like a rock. Unbreacheable.

Boundaries are tough to enforce if, during your lifetime, you were taught to feel bad for having them.

People sometimes call you ungrateful for not accepting the information or material things that they insist on giving you out of their own sense of tyranny.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as information you don’t want because you know it’s not for you.

People usually have very good reasons for giving you unwanted information. It usually involves them telling you how they feel about you, what they think about you. It’s the force of their own unfaced emotions that they project onto you and want to let you know about.

Unfaced emotion carries energy. It carries energy that can damage your emotional body.

It is people’s responsibility to face their own emotions. It is yours to have boundaries when you perceive an unbalanced person in front of you.

That is self love.

It benefits you to have boundaries and, ultimately, the person who is trying to throw their emotions your way so they don’t have to deal with them. When people’s emotions return to them, their energy returns to them.

Matt Kahn recommends a blessing in return in such cases.

I’m not there yet. I will be, once I learn boundaries.

For myself and for others.

It’s also important to note that whenever you encounter people who break your boundaries, or try to, it is never about them. It’s about you. It’s a situation that you are face to face with everything that brings about this apparent breach, including your willingness to have them broken and the reasons behind it.

How does having my boundaries broken benefit me?

It keeps me in place.

Why is it of benefit to you to be kept in place?

I need grounding.

Meet the need that you have uncovered.

Have a blessed Monday.