Depression is a gift: be the change – the how

Teal Swan, Matt Kahn, Inelia Benz - so many teachers out there to learn from! But if we do have the power, and we do, how can we best organize our efforts into doing something efficient, simple, abundant and lasting for the world where we live? Step one: Breathe. Step two: Eat Step three: Clean [...]


From: "The Art of Peace" by Anna Hur Boundaries is the energy of "You will not pass" and "Unconcerned". Just stand your ground. No matter the emotion thrown your way, you will remain unperturbed. Unshakeable. Like a mountain. Have you ever tried to hit a boulder as a child in anger? It does not hit [...]

How to love fear

From: "Or you can watch TV shows all day" an existential crisis/business success novel FeAr.  Fear, as it turns out, is one of the templates that were gifted to humanity in order to experience duality.  It has, unfortunately or fortunately, depends how you look at it, become the dominant template through which we run our [...]

Why you shouldn’t kill yourself

If ending your life makes you feel happy and excited beyond a shadow of a doubt - you're done with what you were born to do, you've lived the happy, incredibly fulfilling, joyous and blessed life where you thank eternity, God, the Goddess, the Universe, Divinity, Life itself every second of every day for being [...]